Asia’s Most Inspiring Master Planned Development

Designed with integrity to respect local culture and embrace modernisation.

It is envisioned that Bali International Park will be the most inspiring lifestyle destination in Asia that appeals to local people as well as international residents alike. The development will reflect the island’s unique cultural and artistic heritage yet fully embrace modernisation.

Bali International Park is characterised by an overall integrity that extends to its unrivalled design aesthetic and eco-sustainability. It will offer an enlightened Balinese living experience with a rare sense of community for all who come to live, work and play.

  • Land Stewardship

    Bali International Park encompasses many different aspects. It is a distinctive location on the island of Bali. It is Jimbaran. It is nature. It is the sea, hills, valley and bay as well as the trees and vegetation. This diverse landscape is under the care and custody of PT Jimbaran Hijau to cherish, manage and maintain.

  • Modern Asia

    The region’s authenticity is embedded in PT Jimbaran Hijau’s core values including diversity, friendless and uniqueness to bridge all differences and growth combined with more contemporary ones of forward thinking, change and dynamism.

  • Balinese Spirit

    Bali International Park embodies all that Balinese – the spirit of local art, culture, tradition, architecture, style, peace, wisdom and environment.

  • Quality Lifestyle

    Within Bali International Park there will be modern amenities such as shopping outlets, restaurants, spas, and entertainment as well as family recreation experiences. Additionally, the inclusion of facilities with a distinct focus on education and culture will ultimately empower local people.

  • Diverse Culture

    Bali International Park supports, reinforces and celebrates different lifestyles, forms or expression, belief systems and entertainment options.

  • Constantly Evolving

    The evolving nature of Bali has allowed the island to explore many paths; different paths of change and inspiring paths of innovation whilst remaining rooted to the region’s historical past.